Achilles tendon surgical operation, Rehabilition

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Achilles tendon surgical operation, Rehabilition

ViestiKirjoittaja David Beckham » 16 Maalis 2010, 16:57

Hello everybody!

You might know I came to Finland yesterday to get surgery to my ankle. It went fine. The surgeon was Sakari Orava. Do you have any ideas how to rehab my ankle the best way from now on?

Turku is a nice town, but it is a little bit difficult now to walk over the bridge called Myllysilta, because it is going to dive to the Aurajoki.

I am pleased from all the advices you give to me!

David Beckham

ViestiKirjoittaja DirtyDeeds » 16 Maalis 2010, 17:23

Hello, David!

Brilliant to "see" you here! Let me guess... you're a tad short of cash and you can't afford rehabilitation on your own? Therefore you come looking for the next best thing? :P 8) :P

I don't have much knowledge in the way of ankle rehab, but I would advise you to avoid adhesions as much as possible. Hopefully someone else in the forum can advise you more thoroughly! :wink:

How did you like the surgery? Did you "enjoy" it? :P
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ViestiKirjoittaja tahdonvoimaa » 16 Maalis 2010, 18:08

OMG!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) It's David... Cool. ;)
Herkistyneellä hermostolla ja niskan retkahdusvammalla höystettynä jokainen päivä on yhtä juhlaa ja ihmettelyä! Ihmettelen sitä täällä nykyään:
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ViestiKirjoittaja fedja » 16 Maalis 2010, 21:55

Oh, David in our forum. What a great pleasure to have you here visiting our forum! Welcome!

This forum doesn't offer so much information about rehabilition of problems like you, but I am sure we might have some good ideas what would be best for you to do now. Mostly there are people with neck and back problems in this forum, but probably we might have a new department for ankel problems in future.
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ViestiKirjoittaja David Beckham » 17 Maalis 2010, 12:41

Hello everybody.

The surgery went fine. I can't say I enjoyd it but now I am happy. The doctor Orava gave me some good tips for rehabilitation, so I don't need to do this by myself. I also get help for physiotherapist. They said it takes 1-2 months to get a good ankle again.

Thanks for the good extra rehabilition tips DD!! I am pleased to get advice from you.

Unlikely I won't be playing in MM games :cry: .

My wife Victoria came also here from Los Angeles to support me. That is great. :roll: :oops: :D

Orava is a good doctor! Turku is very good town!

If you don't know how I look like, you can see my photo here:

You also can find me in may web pages: ... lastpage=1
I want to also let you know what I wrote to my web pg:
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their messages of support, they mean a lot to me. The operation was a success and I'd like to thank Dr. Orava and all the medical staff who looked after me during my time in Finland. I'm feeling positive and now concentrating on getting back to full fitness over the coming months.
David Beckham

ViestiKirjoittaja rautaniska » 29 Maalis 2010, 17:26

Ha ha ha :lol: David, I know you've got too much cash (this can cause emotional problems and make your ankle feel worse) but I have solution for it. Maybe you can you buy me a new motorcycle? I know it's a lot to ask so if you're not interested in buying, maybe you could loan me the money? I could pay you back (let's say 10/month?) in no time.

Here's the bike:
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ViestiKirjoittaja fedja » 29 Maalis 2010, 22:52

Tais tuo David B. häipyä paikalta, mutta otetaanpa tuonne rapakon taakse uudestaan yhteyttä, josko tulisi kommentoimaan palstalle omaa kuntoaan ja antaisi neuvoja meille niskavammaisille, rahankäytössä etenkin. Itseä kiinnostaisi se, että miten niskavammaisena ja eläkeläisenä saisin hankittua saman omaisuuden kuin hän. Kait se on yksinkertaista. :roll: David varmasti tietää, kun hänellä on kokemusta. :idea:
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